The online world of gaming has become an industry that is impressive to say the least as more games and styles became available. One of the biggest games involved with this in roulette. European, American and French are the three that are offered, however some have other variations that they have adapted to make unique. Generally, it is the common ones most sought after with those customized not being as popular.

Roulette Games Online

As stated above, a wide selection of roulette games are available today. Looking at one of the most famous of those is Microgaming, who have a number of roulette games to engage in. This includes all the standards as well as the gold roulette series. This game was developed to give a better online experience and more realistic feel. To achieve this they upgraded the sound quality and used 3D graphics to create the feeling of standing right next to an actual table. This was a great success for Microgaming and this led to multi-wheel roulette, premier roulette, diamond roulette and more.

Other game designers have also taken the time to develop new roulette games, one of those being. Net Entertainment. NetEnt has the usual mix of standard roulette but also has a mini version as well. This is a quick game compared and is a lot easier to play.

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Variations of Roulette

Today it is not difficult to find progressive jackpot roulette games to add to those already available. One of those is Roulette Royal. The jackpot itself is triggered when the same number is won 5 times in a row. The odds are fairly low albeit, but then again the game has paid out jackpots that exceed the million euro mark. That alone makes it an attractive choice.

Multi-Player roulette has also been developed or the social player. It will generally allow up to 8 players at 1 table and all will be able to interact with each other through chat. This is a little more interactive in so far as most will permit you to select an avatar bring some personality into the game. The multi-player version is based on European roulette.

Mini roulette, a production that was released from Net Ent gives a smaller table and wheel and only has 12 numbers with a single zero. This one is also European roulette styled however has fewer betting options.

Live Dealer

The game developers and online casinos have also developed a range of live dealer games. These will provide a most advanced fair gaming experience available online. The game layout and table is just about the same as the normal online version. However one major difference is the screen where the live dealer is. This is usually displayed above the table or you will be able to see the actual table.

Live dealers are basically exactly what you would expect. The game has an actual dealer that is there to spin the wheel and provide winning numbers. This is done with a video shared to the game you are currently playing, which means you will be able to see what the dealer does at all times.

Players who are used to playing online roulette without a live dealer will need to keep in mind that the live dealer game is like a land based casino. You will need to place your bet within a certain time to play in the round. Most live dealer table will also include the social option, which will allow players around the table to chat.

Roulette Variation Rules

Even though there are different versions of the roulette available, the rules will remain about the same. With the multi-player and diamond versions from Microgaming you will find they are based on a certain version of roulette. This means if you have joined a European Multi-player roulette table the game will be based on European roulette with the same odds as the standard game.

The game rules or odds will only change when a mini version is played. For example the Net Ent mini roulette game. Because there are less numbers, the game payouts will be less. In a full version of European roulette your highest payout is 36:1, but with the mini version your odds are 11:1 for a single number bet. This is much lower, but players also need to remember your bet will be a lot less to cover numbers. This could be an opportunity for players to take more risk with a higher bet, but also know the odds are less.


The online versions of roulette are well worth playing and in my opinion they are better than the land based casinos for a few simple reasons. Firstly there are no other players getting in your way when you trying to place a bet. Secondly, playing online means you can play from anywhere at any time and don’t have to drive anywhere. Finally, unless you are playing on a live dealer table, you can take as long as you like to work out your next bet or betting method. There is nothing rushing you online, which gives you the freedom to take your time.