Live dealer casinos are becoming the next best thing to those with a preference for online casino play. This relates only to table games that have been developed as slot games or others simply are not yet developed for this type of gaming online but it is believed eventually they will be added in the next few years.

Online casinos seem to have finally found a way to match the thrill and excitement of playing in a land based with this extension. There are casinos that will accept players from the USA, which is a good thing and one that adds to the limited choices currently available to Americans online.

Live dealer table games are really simple and offer the same as one would find in an actual casino. A simple video stream is used to allow to see dealer actions and results of each hand played. The point to this is to provide an equal experience but done at home, without the need of going out.

Top US Live Online Casinos

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Best Network Provides for Live Dealers

As mentioned there are many developers that have tried the live dealer, but have failed to provide the features required. Microgaming, TopGame and NetEnt are the more known of those who have entered this side of gaming and with that comes a level of confidence as each is highly established with proven track records. The games one can expect to see includes baccarat, roulette and Blackjack.

The live dealer network provided allows players to see a clear picture of the live dealer and the actions taken to give the results. In most cases the table looks just like the one found in a casino or those you would find with online table games. Top developers like mentioned, show the table in the video stream and have added the assorted betting options so players will be able to place their bets easily and simultaneously.

Casinos to Use

If you are a player from the US and interested to find out more about the games and actually play a few hands, there are a number of different casinos that will provide you the option of legally joining.

You can expect easy betting options, professional dealers and quick results from these casinos as some of the world’s bet developers provide the games options at these casinos. The casinos offer the games in download or instant play option. At this time, live dealer play is not available via mobile devices.

Live Dealer VS Standard Casino games

Standard casino games that are based on the same games offered by live dealers will have the same game and features. The differences are obvious as in standard online play, a dealer is not present. The results are based on the dealer using a random number generator to generate the cards and actions taken. The standard variation will deliver with a game featuring superior graphics that have been well crafted and have all the elements you would expect to see.

The advantages of not playing with a live dealer are that you can take your time between hands. Another advantage is the different varieties you will have access to. This includes table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The standard game will have a bigger selection of betting options per game as well. NetEnt for example provides low roller and high roller options in relation to chip sizes as well as max wagers.

Live dealers on the other hand will have other aspects that mean more to players than that mentioned above. With a live dealer there is no way that the casino can program the game or change the result as it is live. This will ensure fair gaming as the dealer is always on screen. The wagering is managed via the software but all other aspects are as usual play would be. Casinos are also including a social option when playing with live dealers, which basically provides the option to talk to other players at the same table. As these games are offered at different casinos that offer access worldwide, you will be able to meet players from around the world, which is a nice touch.


For players who enjoy the standard games that offer you time between games to work out bets you will definitely be happier with the standard games. However, for those players who like to try the latest and greatest offers will enjoy the live dealer options and all the features it provides. The live dealer games will be available for all players and will be worth trying at least once as for all you know you missing out on a great gaming experience.